How to prepare for CEED examination?

The CEED is a common entrance examination for design conducted by IIT Bombay to assess the candidate’s aptitude for design, visual perception ability, logical reasoning, communication skills and study his creative skills in designing. The design aptitude of the candidate is tested in two parts of the examination consisting of duration three hours. The CEED exam preparation requires a lot of dedicated preparation and can be done with the following few tips and tricks. 

1.       First of all, the candidates are required to know the exam pattern and syllabus for CEED. Prepare according to it. The candidates may look up and go through the previous year’s question papers. It will help you to understand the various types of questions and level of questions that you may have to face. Get the guidance from the people you may know in IIT’s and IISc.
2.       Have practice sketching different objects around you.  When you prepare for CEED, the candidates are advised to practise more and more with new creative skills and new innovative abilities to crack the CEED examination.
3.       The next preparation tip is to draw and sketch everyday objects. This should include representing objects as they are with their material and texture.  The skills are not needed at the artist level but of a person who can convey the message through her sketches.      
4.       Select the right equipment for the preparation. The CEED exam preparation fortunately only requires a perfect pencil and brains. Use H-Grad and b-grade pencils for the light sketching and rapid work respectively.
5.       Improve imagination and visualisation skills along with sketching skills. Your way of Story telling and different skills for the imagination are required for clearing the examination.
6.       While preparing, the students are required to have a balance between speed and accuracy. Give importance to the drawing or sketches during practice. The more you prepare, the more you will get yourself perfect.
7.       Finish a detailed reading of all the concepts and topics you plan to cover at least one month before.   
8.       The candidates are advised to get reference books and guidance form old question papers to get an idea for the examination.
9.       Try freehand sketching and get a hold of calligraphy. Since it is a design programme, the candidates have to be aware of the various design resources available around you.
10.   Have good time to relax before the last few days of the CEED examination. Do not strain yourself and study till the last minute. 

Have a good training session at the training or coaching institutes available or known to you and prepare yourself to crack the CEED well. CEED examination is all about the design aptitude of the candidate and creative skills to design.

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