CEED Syllabus and General Description

Syllabus for the common entrance examination for the design (CEED) 
The Common entrance examination for the design (CEED) is the joint entrance examination at all India level for the various courses in design to be studied at the recognised Indian institutions such as IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi and IISc Bangalore. 

The visual perception and creative ability test study material, sketching, drawings etc are to judge visual sensitivity and imagination. 

1.       Written communication
2.       The candidate’s ability to express precisely one’s thoughts.
3.       The candidate’s ability to comprehend a given passage in English and able to summarize it. 

Skills to be analysed

Design aptitude

The development of the new product, visual concepts and innovative ideas based on the analytical observation of problems from daily life situations. Generation of solution of a given material  and process such as sheet metal work wood fabrication, wire fabrication, plastic moulding, etc are the visual representation of the visual concepts into visual symbols and form, aided with drawings and illustrations. The drawings are based on the analysis. 

Drawing skills

The drawing skills are the Imagination of objects, people and places from our own immediate or distant environments. 

According to the analysis of the past few year’s sample question papers, the CEED syllabus is broadly categorised as below.

1.       Color theory
2.       Creative writing
3.       Design concept
4.       Drawing abilities and skills
5.       How to develop character
6.       Light and shadow
7.       Logical reasoning
8.       Logo designing
9.       Perspective
10.   Problem identification and design problem solving skills
11.   Product designing
12.   Scale and proportion

General description of the examination

The syllabus for the CEED is not broadly defined and is not published anywhere by the IIT Bombay. IIT Bombay has specified that no specific text book and guide is available for the preparation of the CEED examination. The candidates may refer to the previous year’s papers to know exactly the topics involved. The CEED examination as mentioned is an all India level of examination which assesses candidate’s skills in the area of creativity, technical skills and analytical skills etc. The examination is held every year for the eligible candidates and can be applied through online in the GATE website. These examinations may be online or offline examinations and question modules can be described as follows. 

1.       Quantitative questions
2.       General Knowledge testing questions- culture and art
3.       Communication testing skill testing questions – presentation, word meanings etc

The various type of designing courses are given below which can be taken up once the CEED examination is cleared.
1.       M.F.Tech courses –Contain subjects relevant to the Master of fashion technologies
2.       B.F.Tech courses –contain subjects of Apparel productions
3.       B. Design courses – contain subjects are fashion designing, Leather Designing, Accessory…etc.  

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