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About CEED
The Common entrance exam for design (CEED) is an all India examination conducted every year for the students who are interested to get enrolled in the various design courses available at the recognised Indian institutions such as IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, and IISc Bangalore. The common entrance examination for design is an examination conducted in two parts followed by an Interview for the shortlisted candidates. It is conducted by IIT Bombay. 

IIT Bombay has specified earlier that they do not recommend a particular preparatory book for the CEED exam. Many blogs and online forums too claim that there is no single book available to prepare and mostly depends on your design ability and skills. The below list will be useful for the candidates to prepare for the examination as it contains mostly the preparatory material sources and various other resources which might be of great help for the preparation.

Resources and study material

Design Skill material

The CEED examination largely focuses on the design skills and their implementation. Here is a good list of resources to take a look on.

1.       Pencil drawing techniques by David Lewis.  
2.       Pencil drawing, a beginner’s guide by
3.       Perspective Drawing, a complete beginner guide by Joseph D’Amelio
4.       Apart from the top list, there is also a website which gives useful information on pencil sketching and drawing. Check out the page of

Also, one can use their leisure time for the purpose of their preparation from the below given useful list.
1.       A free pencil shading exercise by David Lewis.
2.       ‘Youtube’ is a useful resource to learn anything visually. There are basic tips, easy sketching ideas available on the site which the student can make use of. 

Observation and visualisation skills preparation material

The candidates should be good in both observation skills to make it mandatory to understand to the person how everything is carried out.   

Learn to observe and make things out from the following skills.
1.       Animation and movements ( There are excellent downloadable Pdf’s available on the net)
2.        Working with Geometric Objects
3.       Evolution of objects
4.       Hidden words and images
5.        Tessellations
6.       Illusions

Design thinking and creativity studies

There are study books which give excellent source of information on the creative skills and  design thinking to the candidate.

1.       Creative problem solving by William E. Mitchell
2.       Some leisure time reading and exercises are from the below links.
1.       Exercises on
3.       Exercises on 

User Interface guide

UI design forms are a form of visual communication and learning about basic principles involved in UID is important. Lot of web pages and sites give useful information on the fundamentals, principles, rules in the user interface guides.


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