Best Tips to prepare for CEED

The common entrance examination for design (CEED) is an all India level examination conducted by the Indian institute of technology, Bombay. The examination assesses the candidate’s ability of drawing skills, design aptitude, logical reasoning, creative ability, Pencil sketching and communication skills. The examination requires good preparation to get through the first two rounds. 
Tips to prepare for the examination 

The candidates are requested to prepare for the CEED with the best resources available. The tips are given below which have been collected from previous experiences from candidates and previous year’s question papers.
The examination will be conducted in two parts and all the candidates are required to attend both the tests. The examination Part-A is usually a screening test of multiple choice questions conducted using a online computerised system. The candidates who qualify with the minimum cut-off marks are only eligible to qualify for the second round of the examination Part-B.  The score obtained in the Part-B will be considered for the merit list and the qualified list in the CEED. 

The main challenge for the CEED is to get through the first part of the examination i.e. Part A.  Some useful tips are given below. 

1.       Understand the concepts of design in Indian context- the candidate requires to be a good Indian designer meaning that he/she should understand the concepts of Indian designing.
2.       Learn the concepts of arts- understand the various concepts of design and arts in the forms of textures, human and animal forms, use of classical drawing media like poster and oil colors.
3.       Study the various fonts – Understand the various fonts, styles and writing styles present everywhere around you.
4.       Solve different puzzles – this test requires the knowledge of solving various aptitude related questions.
5.       Practice sketching – to improve your visualization and creative skills.
6.       Indian geography – Getting back in tough with your NCERT syllabus helps you to learn more about the geography. 

Part-B preparatory tips are given below. 

1.       The candidates are advised to go through the previous year question papers and study them all to understand what is being asked and what all can be prepared for the exam.
2.       Practice sketching and freehand sketching. The candidates who practice more with pencil and paper will help them to save more time during the course of the examination as these candidates are not allowed to use many equipments.
3.       Improving visualisation skills to think from your mind and se form your mind. This helps the candidate to sketch more often and learn very basic concepts of designing.
4.       Enhance your creativity skills by the use of different design structure study, helping you to think laterally.
5.       The candidates are advised to even read the comic strips to understand he storyboard. 

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  1. it was absolutely awesome tips for CEED exams…Really No one told the tips presented here. These tips are invaluable for everyone who are going to appear for CEED this blog is very important for all of us. Thank you so much for sharing useful preparation tips!


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