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The CEED examination is conducted by the IIT Bombay on behalf of the Ministry of human resource development, India. The common entrance examination for design (CEED) is the entrance examination for the design programmes in the post-graduation category for the candidates who wish to get enrolled in various design programmes in some of the best recognised institutions like IIT Bombay, IISc Bangalore, IIT Delhi, IIT Guwahati, and IIT Kanpur. 

The candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of the exams conducted followed by an Interview process. The candidates have to clear the first two rounds of screening to go to the interview process. The candidate’s creative and innovative skills are assessed. The design aptitude of the candidate is tested during the examination. The duration of the examination is for three hours and is divided in two parts. For further details, the website can be visited 

There are various coaching institutes all over India taking classes for the CEED examination and providing thorough preparation for the candidates. 
Coaching institutes and their 

1.       Trendz academy of fashion
2.       Academy of fashion studies
3.       Prime training services Pvt Ltd
4.       Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio(BRDS)
5.        Design quotient labs (DQ labs)
6.       DesignShastra in Pune
7.       Afd India

Let’s get to know about some of the coaching institutes here.

1.       Trendz academy of fashion is one of the best coaching institutes for the preparation of various competitive examinations all over India. To know more about the coaching institute, please log onto 
2.       The academy of fashion studies is also offering successful training for the CEED examination and fair well in the examination. Log on to for more details.  
3.       The AFD India is a prime institute which offers various design programmes and coaching for the examinations such as the entrance exams for NIFT, NID, CEED etc.  They teach and work with the students in a professional way together hand in hand. The only coaching institute with PAN India presence in 8 centres.
4.       Design shashtra is another coaching institute in Pune catering to the needs of the candidates who are interested in taking up the CEED examination.
5.       Bhanwar Rathore design studio and design quotient labs are few other coaching institutes which provide coaching with CEED examination.
6.       Prime training services Pvt Ltd is also a well known coaching institution offering long classroom sessions and training for competitive exams such as CEED, NIFT, management, CAD, GRE, CAT, TOEFL and law.  

Apart from the above mentioned institutes, there are many online tutorials and forums guiding you through the best of training session. The study materials and various online forums provide excellent coaching can be obtained from them. 

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