Admission Details of CEED 2014

CEED 2014, examination results will be announced during the month of April, The CEED score is valid for up to 2 years after examination, If you require your score for any other job purposes then you may appeal to the GATE director, requesting a Duplicate Copy of CEED score with the demand draft of Rs 150/- in the name of Indian Institute Of technology payable at Mumbai.
                   Once the CEED score is published it does not mean that all candidates will be admitted , you will asked to attend an interview and after that you will have to appear for test , no allowances will be credited for this plan. Your CEED score will be sent through mail, after that you need to visit the respective IIT, or IIsc sites to know more about the courses offering details. All your interview results will be announced within a week and it will be finalized. Reservations  for various category’s will be made as per the government rule.

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  1. The prospect of getting admitted in the top MBA colleges in India is electrifying and difficult that students get complete for the entry exams from the much early day. As soon as the eligibility entrance examinations come near, the students be liable to be serious about the preparatory phase.


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