CEED - question paper sample questions

some sample questions here for this year's junta!

1. Draw 20 quick line drawings of things which has triangular shape
2. Draw / Render an Iron in 3D drawing. Use of perspectives is plus.
3. See the following picture and give 10 observations for the various personas
  • Indian person
  • Someone from USA
  • Someone from say nepal
4. You know many times the tooth brushes after use remain wet, and also remain open and has a chance of catching air contaminations or insects. Try to solve this problem by designing a new toothbrush

5. Small Kids in the school forget many things like pencils, books, rubbers etc. Write your views about how would you solve this issue?

6. You may know various shapes like triangle, circle, random shapes, tree like etc. Assume you ask a scientist, mill worker, army man, female fashion model to draw any one shape, can you draw what would they draw?

7. Draw 3 sample titles with showcasing different font and names which you can think of for following,
a. Action movie title
b. Romantic movie title
c. Sci-fi movie
d. A Movie based on world war

8. Imagine you are leading a team for an astro-mission, and you are a lead designer of the space vehicle. What are the top 5 design factors you have to focus while building it?

9. Write how a straws are made? If you know there are straws which can bend with corrugations in the middle, write how can they be made?

10. Draw a circle, pentagon, rectangle by hand

11. Indian railway tickets has advertises behind the tickets. Can you give your thoughts on what brands should advertise there and why?

12. Draw a cell phone

13. You have a a wire, some metal sheets, and some screws - come out with a design using this material for a newspaper stand. Try to use as minimum material as possible and denote how much material, sizes, any other salient points of your design too

14. There is a metal pillar with 100 screws holding it at the bottom, One of the screws always get's broken due to some reasons. How do you solve this issue.

15. There is a spherical tank which needs to be calibrated and sent to a big company. How would you calibrate this tank without really filling it with any liquid.

16. You have some bamboo sticks and paper. Create a Kite which can fly with it. Do not have the kite shape same as usual square shape. Ensure take care of all considerations like air flow, where you will tie the strings, any special techniques needs to fly it. Show it with pictures.

15. "I want to eat" - you need to message this to someone only using hand movements. Draw some key hand sketches. Communication is very imp here, drawing skills are secondary.

16. Write approx. sizes for the following items in cm or inches. You can give range if you wish to
a. Diameter of a 100 watt bulb
b. legth, bredth, height of a camel compass box which kids use
c. Legth of a pencil
d. Height of a table
e. Height of a typical room
f. Legth of say a maruti car

I think this would be a good start for this year. You may walso want to read and observe various objcets in and around you. Prepare to draw human elements, full body or parts (develope your own skills for this do not try to mimic what others can draw) you can even use human figures in differenet postures some example are

Example -1

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