CEED Material

Material Structure for CEED 2008

  1. All about CEED and how do you prepare for the same
  2. Future with CEED and market-scope
  3. Product Design
  4. Visual Design
  5. Drawing skills -These are important and may take a while so will be done earlier
  6. Imaging
  7. Colors
  8. Design flow - story boarding, user scenario, user experience design
  9. Presenting the design - Aspects of design
  10. Writing skills - how to write about design, concept presentation
  11. Thought process - Think in depth as well as thinking shallow but wide
  12. Design keys - Evaluation of a design, know what to look for
  13. Design analysis
  14. Problem solving
  15. General awareness - more guidelines than actual read outs
  16. Design models, metaphors, theme to design, function to form
  17. User understanding
  18. Being different - make your solution stand out of the crowd, differentiators, communication
  19. Introduction to Materials, products
  20. Final preparation checklist


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